About Us

ClickOPic is an initiative of Clickonit (Pty) Ltd.

How did the Games Begin?

Clickonit is The Marketing and Exposure Investment Company® and Online Business Network with its Head Office in George, South Africa. Clickonit utilizes several media platforms such as Printed Media, Outdoor Media, The Internet, Mobile Technology and Social Media in a unique combined way to offer the maximum exposure to its Partners, Members and Advertisers. Clickonit increases participation with targeted campaigns that extends Businesses and Event exposure further than normally possible. Clickonit delivers multi-channel monetization and marketing solutions that simply do more..

Clickonit’s Unique Marketing Program introduces events to new participants and visitors by grabbing their attention via channels that are completely unique to the industry. We have spent over a decade growing our community of active participants and connecting them with Businesses and Events at the perfect time. Clickonit’s Marketing Program is unique and includes a suite of advanced marketing tools available for any Business Venture or Event.

The ClickOPic Photo Booth Idea is one of these Initiatives. By being involved in numerous major events, the need for a Photo Booth with a different flair Arose. ClickOPic is a completely Digital Photo Booth without the hassle of transport and placement of clumsy booths. ClickOpic could literately be be handled from your purse.

Any event could be exposed and remebered in a jiffy. All that is needed is access to the internet and a wifi camera, mobile phone or tablet.

Photos can be branded to requirement. Services include Corporate Events, Product Launches, Year End Parties, Weddings, Kiddies, Matric Farewells, Twenty Firsts, etc. etc. etc. Photos are displayed in The Clickonit Event Galleries and can be shared, downloaded and printed.

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